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             "ÖKO-AIR" for small seeds,
               fertilizer, and granulates!
ÖKO AIR 60 90 105 130 300lit



Steuerung ÖKO AIR

  Small amount of fertilizer placed with seeding can  be arranged at one path
Even on mulch seeding of cereals in autumn, a small amount of fertilizer helps for optimal germination. 
Just fit the Technik-Plus "Öko-Turbo" on a suitable position. Bring the material to the main seed roll and
fertilizer is blown out and distributed accurate together with seed. Rates from 2-50 kg/ha can be easy
controlled by the "Seeder+" control unit in the tractor cabin.
Hopper sizes from 60, 90, 105 or 130 liters offers to use proper size for the required job. 



   Working width 1-4m
  (depends on seed and mounting hight)
  Multifunctional seeding machine with
  stainless-steel spreading-unit with
  a 50x50 square tube
  selective 3, 4, or 5 outlet tubes
  (diam 30mm)
6 or
  8 outlet tubes (diam 25mm)

 hoses and spreader plates (diam 30mm)
 1 electric turbine 12V
 90-Liter hopper (Standard)
  incl. sealed cover

 12V-drive from tractor-battery
  Adjustable flap
  Seedroll motor electric
  standard seedroll

Öko 5 90L weiß 


  Inkl. Profi control box (in cab):
  - ON/OFF
  - Stepless adjustement of seedroll
  - ON/OFF sensor and seed
  - shaft rotation sensor

  - Calibration

 Steuerung ÖKO AIR

PROFI-SPEED control unit (optional)
- ON/OFF switch
- Speed-Dependent control
- Linkage control seed roll switches off
  when linkage is raised, fan continues
 to run)
Can be used with radar, GPS, 7-pin signal
socket, sensors simple calibration test

blower and seed shaft on/off time-delayed,
as with the PROFI-SPEED control


 Profi Speed k


  Seed roll for small amounts
   (5mm, 10mm or 15mm)

 Säwelle 5mm





- Hopper 60-lit
 Dimensions: (L*W*H) 55*57*95 cm



ÖKO AIR 60 lit






- Hopper 90-lit (standard)
Dimensions: (L*W*H) 55*57*112 cm

 ÖKO AIR 90 lit






- Hopper 105-lit
Dimensions: (L*W*H) 55*57*122 cm

 ÖKO AIR 105 lit






- Hopper 130-lit
Dimensions: (L*W*H)  70*57*124 cm


 ÖKO AIR 130 lit




- Hopper 300-lit
Dimensions: (L*W*H)  70*90*115 cm

Öko Air 300lit



   Grubber frame    



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  • Öko_Turbo_3
  • Öko_Turbo_4
  • Öko_Turbo_4_130L
  • Öko_Turbo_Einsatz


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