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                         Spreader "Convenience"

          Basically the spreader CONVENIENCE is used for spreading big areas in a short time.
 Depending on the seed the working width changes from 6 to 21m (grass seed about 6m;

 rape, clover, mustard, … about 18m and slug pellets about 21m)  It is possible to put out every seed
 between a size of 1mm to about 6mm. (Depends on how fluid the seed is and on the output amount.)

 Streuer 90 lit N  Convenience Steuerung

We recommend:

 In combination with implements -> TP Professional (with adjustable speed on spreader plate
 = adjustable working width), TP Turbo Jet Super
 For mainly small working widths (2,50m - 3,50m) – TP-Convenience (with Power-Start automatic)
 For hilly areas -> TP Super XXXL (output amount (up to 35%) adjustable with control unit)
 For accurate output of seed mixtures -> TP-Turbo Jet Super, Front-Turbo, Öko-Turbo, Öko-Air
 (output with hoses and spreader plates)
 For fertilizer and aggressive corn -> Front-Turbo, Öko-Air, Öko-Turbo
 Row seeding with disc shares, cultivator tooth, ... -> TP-Turbo Jet Super, Front-Turbo
 For accurate positioning and insertion of the seed -> TP-Turbo Jet Super, Front-Turbo, Öko-Turbo


striegel130lit 8



Technical details:

Hopper volume: can be choosen between 60lit/90lit/105lit/130lit ...

  Hopper 60 lit.                  hopper 90 lit.               hopper 105 lit.                  hopper 130 lit.                

 Professional 60L Neu  Streuer 90 lit N  Convenience 105 L N Convenience 130L rot Homepage 

 - Hopper with easy emptying (except 130lit hopper) and sealed screw cover
 - Adjusting of output amount direct on the machine with a second feeder
 - Agitator
 - Simple taking off of the hopper makes cleaning and service easy.
 - Electric supply 12V DC
 - Feeder motor 12V DC / 240N
 - Spreader plate motor
 - Control unit in the tractor cab with ON/OFF switch and button for opening/closing
   the feeder and Poty for adjusting the speed on the spreader plate = adjustment of working width
   Delivery includes:
   1x control unit with cable to battery 3,5m and cable to machine 7m
   1x machine
   1x hopper
   1x battery cable about 30cm for the direct connection to the tractor battery with 15A fuse



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