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TP Turbo Jet Super 8 Ukraine
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Pneumatic Seeder

                   Turbo Jet Super

       FLEXIBLE - ECONOMICAL - PRODUCTIVE = for professional agriculture!

    The most effective cover crop before a main crop can reduce weed and bring into the soil
 hight amount of fertilizer
and organic material for bio organisms. A catch crop in autumn
 (after slurry or manure) can hold most until
next spring crop is growing.
     An excellent cover crop of Oilradish - before sugar beet is killing nematodes and offers
 best soil conditions
for sugar beet. Hight harvest is experienced with this method even
 when use of mineral fertilizer is reduced
and cultivation is minimized. USE your land as
 a solar collector as nature produces best quality - most
economical - most reliable

IMG 20190829 WA0001 

  1.) Power-Turbo: Front/Rear-Mounting
  High capacity seeder for spreading fertilizer!
 Seeding with harrows, fertilizer spreading,
 an no crop culture. Working widths up to
 24 to 40 rows offer new performance

 The most economical concept for a
      professional agriculture!

B -Power -Kombi -4

 2.) Tower distributors
   When space is limited (f.ex. with folded
 implements), and when hopper requires
 to be fitted on a lower position.
 It is possible to operate with 1 to 5 tower
 distributors at the same time, to bring the
 seeds to the desired positions!

 Turm Front Turbo SLO

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