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These facts force to thinking...

      The main task of a plant is to grow into soil as deep as possible. The roots strengthen the plant so that it could absorb sun energy in large volumes in order to perform  photosynthesis process. The plants must be solid, but flexible to resist all stress situations, caused by weather conditions.  

Each root of groups of small roots, called “roots-pathfinders”, ploughs the soil in the natural way. But after reaching the source of feeding “roots-pathfinders” cannot absorb nutrient materials. This task is performed by small almost invisible root fibres, which originate on “roots-pathfinders”. These are small roots, which can be observed only with microscope. They are incredibly short-life and fast growing root fibres, which grow up and starve out in fast subsequence in the process of nutrient materials and water absorption through cell wall and inner membrane.

      Water goes through roots to stools; referring to Joseph Cocannouer’s statement in his book „The largest flow of water in nature”, it reaches the highest tops of trees and provides all the nutrient materials for leaves. Water remains with various gases go from leaves mouths to atmosphere, creating endless water cycle.

      Biofarmers often focus their attention on soil oversaturation with dissolvable chemical substances, emphasizing the fact, that the plants, giving way to water rich in superfluous ionized chemicals, get disbalance even if the plants grow fast, but the animals using these plants as a nutrition, do not get required nutrient materials.
      Root fibres of plants may grow only in the soil, the structure of which is suitable for their growing up. This proves the importance of weed for soil structure as weed roots plow up the soil in the natural way; after that starved out weeds become natural fetilizer for soil. For example, clay soil becomes eventually water resistant without vegetation, sandy soil – solid. Thus, all weeds on the ground are the best natural fertlizers or like compost or green fertilizers.
      Anna Penderson Cummer in her book “The mysteries of fertile soil” writes, that weeds have almost mythological meaning , wild pastures for deer and buffalos would turn into desert without it, she supposes that weeds take care of the wild pastures vegetation. Besides, nature has also taken care of natural application of organic fertilizers by the animals, that prevents soil from erosion.

     For example, if negative factors result in plants roots weakening, the last being unable to create fibrous structure anymore, they should wait until weeds plough up the ground and make soil spongy with their roots.

     This process may last for different vegetative terms, correspondingly, weeds do not destroy plants, vice-versa, they prepare the soil to grass renewal,which
in its turn shall have enough strength to displace weeds if conditions require. Thus, if soil has necessary structure, plants will dominate weeds.This is not a contingency
but the naturality of natural selection, weeds grow constantly, invisibly improving weak areas of wild pasture and giving plants an opportunity to grow again.

 Some kinds of weeds have particular seeds, which may stay in the ground for a long time and begin to grow only on certain conditions. This is a metamorphosis,
created by nature, in which weeds get main part. But mankind will probably understand this theory when the earth will be totally eroded and poisoned by the chemicals, even weeds will be unable to grow on it, this will cause the half of the West turning into desert.


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