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 Benefit the Spreader

Main application of machine is spreading below indicated
 - Betweenrcrop seeds;
 - Granulated poison for snails;
 - Scatter fields with hayseeds;

Advantages of spreader:

 By actuating 12 Watt device spreader can be used without reference to other actuating
 devices, such as propshaft or hydraulics. It allows to combine two working processes and
 consolidating in one process, consequently- a piece of work and cost cutting.
 Gate valves and spreading plates are made from high quality stainless steel.
 Three-point lift linkage serves for elementary spreader mounting on any suitable location on
 a tractor. Conical-bottom tank with unloading opening for rest removal.
 Hopper roofing with quick blocking mechanism.  Spreader can be manipulated with a help of
 control unit. Steeples variable control of working width from 1 up to 28 meters.
 Transparent hopper for seed grain 60, 90,105,130 litters.

Mounting variants of spreader
Montage 2

Grubber Öko Air Wiese
  Excellent usage of this spreader was opened by Danish farmer. He placed two spreaders
 on sprayer. What's the matter of such cunning combination? The point is to reach top
 harvest – you should think about the future! In other words, if in crop rotation for the next
 year sugar beet is planned you should prepare the soil. That is why at last wheat spraying
 make oil reddish seeding. After wheat harvesting oil reddish have time for germination,
 this plant will be used as a green manure which can be used as humus, saving important
 nutrients for sugar beet. In winter time it will be excellent protection from erosion
and siltation. Spring time make sugar beet seeding without ground opening.

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