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TP Turbo Jet Super 8 Ukraine
Mähdrescher und Turbo Jet Super 12

Product overview

Grass land

       A good benefit (reaching high crop) for intensive used grass land is the correct cultivation and accurate seeding.
 The possibilities are ranged from economically priced machines up to soil optimized combinations including the
 multifaceted soil life. A good grass land is just as good as its soil fundament.

 Conventional operation

      Area wide grass seeding up to 6m can be done easily in one drive with a spreader. It is possible to mount this
  spreader on any implement. The easy handling and mounting makes these spreaders to a favoured allrounder.
  Spreader TP Eco
  Spreader TP Professional
  Spreader TP Convenience
  Spreader TP Super XXXL

 euro turbo professional auf kuhn grubber 1

     For demanding operations is the Turbo-Jet Super the recommended seeder. The seed is put out near the soil
  by spreader plates or direct with a distributor tower into a drill slit from a disc share. Mixtures with different weight
  are distributed evenly on the whole area. The machine is available in fully automatic version.

 Turbo Jet Super 8 Spanien

                                                         Pneumatic seeding machine TP-Turbo Jet Super
       A green band between the vine rows is an important protection against rainwash. The correct seed mixture helps
  to assist the grape-vine with nutrients. With the universal spreaders such mixtures can be distributed area wide.
  Universal spreader Öko-Turbo
  Universal spreader Öko Air

Öko Turbo 4

       Smaller working widths can be done easily with the universal spreader up to 2m or 6m
  Put your ideas and wishes in your own combination of our machines and get the perfect seeding system for
  your operation

     To less harvest on grass land? Sorrel and weed presses the growing of grass? Usual operation methods don’t reach the
 desired aim? Then it´s time for new ways! A good house needs a good fundament – a food factory a good soil.
 Follow our field  experiences with the actual reports.
 Flex Kombi (Combination: CO2 fan and pneumatic seeder Turbo-Jet Super 30G)
 Combination B-Power Kombi (Fertilizer seeder Front-Turbo and pneumatic seeder Heck Turbo)
 Experience reports

B -Power -Kombi -4

                                             Put your ideas and wishes in your own combination of our machines and
                                                     get the perfect seeding system for your operation.
                                                              Generate a new grass land
         A correct generated grass land, gives out a very good harvest in a short time. 
  When there is an old one it is not necessary to overturn this old grass land complete.
  The best precondition is a harmonized combination of soil preparation and seeding with less possible drives.
  Flex Kombi
  Reprt: Project Weistrach


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