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 Germination increase with CO2!
   Research for the future! 

Abgas 2015 Feldtag 2

 Agronomists have known about the benefits of HC+CO2 in the soil for about 100 years.
The use of CO2 in green houses has even become common practice.
Due to the use of HC+CO2 during cultivation, farmers may experience enormous rise of yields in all crops
while reducing expenses up to 50% in agrochemicals and fertilizers.

Agriculture is the only sector, which may even highly benefit from the rise of CO2 emissions in the atmosphere,
through the so-called “CO2-fertilising effect”. Increased yields of up to 20% are possible only with an optimized
consumption of athmospheric CO2. This also resultsin an icreased qhality of the harvested products. More CO2
in the atmosphere also requires lesser stomata in order to absorb CO2 emissions, which in highly beneficial
under drought conditions, because in this way lesser water evaporates.

The activity of photosynthesis of most crops, which is at a current level of 0,04% CO2 (400 ppm) in the atmosphere,
is indeed suboptimal Better effects with C3-plants (90% of all terrestrial plants, including wheat, rice, potatoes and soy)
can be reached at 3-5 times higher levels instead. In orther words, higher levels of CO2 help the plant’s metabolism and
also take up an important part of the photosynthesis process. Improved water utilisation is also a positive consequence.

The result is visible in dry and hot periods, when the crop is unable to absorb CO2 which often causes its dieback.
During summer time, the level of CO2 in the atmosphere is lesser than during winter time.
Thus, lesser CO2 is available for absorption. Hence, CO2 turns out to be at this period a limiting factor, which will
also reduce the activity of photosynthesis and, as a result, the plant growth.



CO2 - Fan. For blowing CO2-exhaust gas of tractor in the soil

 - 1 inlet tube DM100mm
 - 6 outlet tubes DM30mm
   (other outlets on inquiry)
 - 1 turbine 395mm
   Hydraulikmotor incl. hydraulic hoses
   (oil flow: max. 15-lit. motor
   max. 50-lit. system)
  1. Adapter for exhaust pipe
  Mounted between exhaust pipe and metal hose
Metal hose  DM100mm
  Mounted between exhaust pipe and hydraulic fan

  3. Metal hose DM30mm
  Mounted between outlets of fan and pipes on shares

  4. Steel pipe Set (6 x DM30mm)
  For mounting/welding on the tines of implement

  5. Set of hose clamps
  2x hose clamp for metal hose DM 100mm
  2x hose clamp for metal hose DM 30mm

  6.Oil cooler






WEB 18374-18374.tif

with double disc shares for seeding in rows with depth control

   Upwards angled blowing >
 - 2x double fan electric, 6500 rpm
   Incl. seedrolls, agitator, flap, seedroll motor electr.,
   Selective 130-, 200-, 300-, 400-, 500-Liter hopper with cover,
   Control unit in cab: SEEDER+ control box incl. sensors
  Stainless steel tower
  Incl.  adapter for Turbo-Jet Super
  110mm inlet tube, 12, 16, 24, 28, 32 outlet tubes




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