TP Turbo Jet Super 8 Ukraine
Mähdrescher und Turbo Jet Super 12
Für ALLE Jahreszeiten mit TECHNIK-PLUS


                  Grassland harrow 6m
              Harrow with 6m working width, folded with TECHNIK-PLUS
              with TP TURBO-JET SUPER and 300lit.-hopper
 Striegel TJS 8 2Speed Sensor, Signlals via the stabilizer wheel

Striegel TJS 8 5


SH100068   SH100072
   Automatik seeding at different workong speeds.

 Working widht 6m,
with flat tines:
TP TURBO-JET Super 8 with
    200 lit.-hopper

 -  Optimal mounted hoses to the
    speader plates

 -  Stairway for an easy filling of the
 -  Silent blocks on the tines area
a comfortable work!)

Striegel TJS 8 7
 SH100126 SH100097

  Grassland harrow 6m

  Highly profitable for grassland
  Here are the largest molehill
  has no chance!
                                          Prices on inquiry!
Striegel TJS 8 5

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