TP Turbo Jet Super 8 Ukraine
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TP - Slug-Security

short info

Ideal for the spreading of slug pellets,
clover-seeds, mustard, rape, etc… 
        The seed-output is carried out by a seperately controlled motor with 12V-drive with a  fitted
 spreader  plate.  The seed roll motor can be adjusted stepless by a potentiometer and a knob.
  Working width:

  3 – 20m: slug pellets;
  3 – 15m: rape, mustard, small seeds;

     The adjustment of the scatter diagramm is carried out by adjusting the  throw blade at the
 spreader plate or by screwing up the hand-over-point at the spreader plate.
Seed-amount  from 0,5  up to 20 kg/ha


Schnecken Security 1 






Schnecken Security

 The regulation of the amount is carried
    out with a
Potentiometer and knob!

 Technical details (basic version):
-  Powder coated frame with 50 x 50 square tube
-  90 litre- plastic-hopper with liter indication
-  With easy emptying,
-  Sealed cover with screw cap
-  Complete control unit (from the cab)
-  Spreader plate of stainless steel
-  Adjustable throw blades
-  Electric 12V-drive from tractor battery
-  Spreader-plate motor (240W; 3500 rpm; 3,2-20 A)
-  Stepless adjustment of rotation speed at the spreader plate
    =adjustment of working width (from the cab)
-  Adjustment of ouput-amount (from the cab), stepless
-  Seed-roll-drive with a seperate motor
-  Adjustemnt of hand-over-point at the spreader plate
-  Working width from 2,5 up to 20 m
- Switch for automatically ON/OFF,
- Seed roll for small amounts (5mm, 10mm, 15mm)
- 3-level-frame,
- Grubber-fastener,
- 60/105-litre-hopper;
   Seeder+ control unit:
  fully automatically, with VARIO-Speed control,        
  control of the seed amount (Ha), etc., ..


  • Kombination_Schnecken_Security_-TJS8_-Silo_jet
  • Schnecken_Security
  • Schnecken_Security_2
  • Schnecken_Security_5
  • Schnecken_Security_Dosierapparat
  • Schnecken_Security_Heck_H
  • Schnecken_Security_Steuerung
  • Schnecken_Security_dosierapparat
  • Schneken_Sekurity_4
  • Schniecken_Security_1
  • Snecken_Security
  • Steuerung_schnecken_security


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