Mähdrescher und Turbo Jet Super 12
Für ALLE Jahreszeiten mit TECHNIK-PLUS
TP Turbo Jet Super 8 Ukraine

Company history

The history has shown that every customers has special
requirements to the different machines.
TECHNIK-PLUS comes up to the customer’s wishes and needs with an elaborate modular design.
Excellent technology at special prices! Ongoing developments honor our customers with powerful
machines at highest technical standard!


 The company TECHNIK-PLUS was founded in upper Austria
by Mr. Josef Großauer in the year 1985. The original name
of the company has been “EURO-PART”. For director
Mr. Großauer the agriculture was a fascinating business
since he was young. He began his career with the
selling of spare parts for tractors.

Over the years the market for catch-crop-spreaders grew on. Director Mr. Großauer correctly noticed this development and
from that point he specialized on the selling and development of seeders for small seed. The aim was to design
seeding-machines, which are powerful, user-friendly and well-priced. In the year 2002 Mr. Großauer concentrated
on the development of pneumatic seeders, which have been far superior to the competition in its flexibility and capacity.

Thereby the sales volume escalated and so in the year 2006 the company TECHNIK-PLUS was founded in Slovenia.
In the year 2008 the next expansion and amalgamation of EURO-PART and TECHNIK-PLUS took place in Mureck,
which is in the south of Styria (→ Austria – Slovenian border).




Company location-Mureck


The headquarters with management, administration and logistical department, financial
department and markting department.


Production and warehouse



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