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General sales-, delivery- and payment-conditions:

1.      In general:
Offers and information on prices and delivery-times are subject to change. Dimensions-, weight- and performance data, as well as illustrations,
are approcimately and not binding.

2.    The order is binding on the purchaser without reservation - for the supplier after accounting. It is possible to withdraw the order, with a payment of 25% of the merchandise value - inapplicable with orders as described in point 10.

3.    Transfer of perils:
a)    Alle goods are considered by selling "ex works"..
b)    The delivery is fulfilled, if the delivered goods are handed over to the carrier or forwarder. The loading and dispatch of the goods are in all cases the risk of the buyer, even if the goods have been delivered "free receiver". All shipments are insured for transport. Please verify at takeover, if the parcel/the delivery is damaged. Before you sign the whole delivery, please note any damage on the delivery-note. This makes it easier in processing claims with the insurance, in case of any transport damage.

4.    Delivery-dates:
Deliver-dates are not binding, but are observed if possible. Damage claims because of any delivery delays or non-delivery are excluded.

5.    Payment-conditions:
All payments have to be paid to the seller for the purposes of the agreed payment-terms. If the agreed payment terms are exceeded, we will charge 14% p.a. default interest. The total outstanding price is due, if the buyer doesn't pay the agreed payments on time. In case of default, the buyer has to bear all dunning and collection costs.

6.    Prices:
a)    All prices are subject to change "from stock" of the seller. If the delivery is agreed with service, the prices are exclusive discharge and further movement.
b)    All prices are based on the costs, at tim of price-quotation. Cost changes to the delivery are in favor/at the expense of the buyer.

7.    Retention of title:
The seller reserves the property right until full payment of purchase price. Not fully paid goods may not be resold or pleged. If a payment default exists (despite payment reminders), the buyer grants the company TECHNIK-PLUS the right, without further notice at the expense of the buyer, to pick the goods up, to take in their possesion and to sell at an estimated value (after the estimation of a court-certified expert). The estimated value will be settled with the unpaid claim. If there is any loss with the price, the buyer has to pay the difference. The costs of the estimation and the caused damage are borne by the buyer. Jurisdiction: Bad Radkersburg.

8.    Warranty and product liability:
The assembling of spare parts and machines are outside the sphere of influence of the seller. That means, in no case, the seller is liable for occuring damages on the delivered goods or for personal injury caused by improper installation. The buyer will receive a 6-months-warranty (in some cases: 2 years → thats marked!) under proper use. The warranty is only granted to material damages. The seller is liable for defects only under the suppliers-warranty. Excluded from the warranty are wages paid and costs for installation or removal, and also parts which are exposed to heavy stress. Warranty is only understood by fulfilling the contractual obligations of the buyer, especially in terms of agreed payment. Any alterations of already attached additional equipment on your tractor are at the expense of the buyer. If any repair is carried out by people, who don't have the necessary qualifications for this work, any warranty is excluded. At replacement cost, we are happy to provide you with qualified mechanics. The two-year-warranty can only be granted, if the warranty card, which we've included in the delivery, is completely filled and send to TECHNIK-PLUS Sämaschinen e.U. within 14 days after delivery.

9.    Complaints:
With other losses of warranty immediately (but not later than 8 days after delivery), defects or objections have to be announced  to the seller by a registered letter. As evidence of defects, a physical examination of the seller/the factory is authoritative. The seller sends returns of defective goods or parts, after an exchange or repair, "unfree" to the buyer.

10.    Returns:
Returns can only be sent with a prior agreement and prepaid freight to the seller. Custom-made products or attachment kits with special produced components cannot be changed or sent back!

11.    The deliveries are in accordance with the general sales conditions for trade, published by the Styrian Chamber of comerce, Trade section.

12.    The revising of this agreement and additional agreements are only valid in writing. Printing errors excepted!

13.    Packaging is used by us, several times. We take back the packaging materials, which have been supplied by us. Please send it back to us - free shipping! Thank you!


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