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 FRONT-TURBO"- the Ideal Front-Tank-Machine
                     for fertilizer!
FRONT TURBO Belarus Firma Bogdan
Mineral fertilizer prices rise-but using a FRONT-TURBO increase efficiency
of crop for
optimum yield.
The greats benefit is when conditions are very dry, the crop can use ausy
and quickly necessary minerals.
Mais is cultivated as a high yield feed plant for biogas production
in many advantaged locations. Monoculture is harmful to the environment
and the health of soil. Seeding an adapted cover crop (f.e.: ray grass,
forage rye) improves the soil and restocks theanimal feed.
The FRONT-TURBO is developed for seeding corn mineral fertilizer,
and every cover crop.
Distribution is done in rows or as areal planting.
Advantage - a flexible mounting.
The correct amount is adjusted by the speed of the seed roll.

From the seed roll the material gets to the outlettube and is distributed
by the destribution tower equally.

The high-power fan makes it possible to transport the grain in the hoses
over longer distances.
For Distribution are two options available:

1. Area seeding with spreader plates
2 Seeding in rows with the double disc shares.
Up to 50 rows per operation step are possible.

  Prospect FRONT-TURBO
Front Turbo Behälter 1000l Frankreich

 Free view ahead!
Front Vorne
Dreipunkt-Anbau zur Frontmontage

Quick-coupling triangle for front mounting

Schnellkupplungsdreieck Frontmontage
 3-point frame for front mounting


 Description of the machine:  



  -1 OUTLET TUBE diam 100mm
   outlet into tower distributor

  •    Changeable seedrolls:
       - Standard seedroll (plastic),
       - Metal seedroll
 Säwelle Plastik


  Electric lighting

 Licht Front Turbo



  - Hopper 1.000 lit.

Behälter 1000L


- Hoper 1.300lit

 1300 lit Behälter



  - Hopper 2.000 lit.

 Behälter 2000L
  - Hydraulic fan
 Hydraulik Cap





  Tower distributors:
  Stainless steel, 1 inlet tube diam 100mm,
  with transparent plastic cover
  Outlet tubes 4, 6, 7, 8 or 9 (diam 40mm)
  or 12,18,24,28 (diam 30 mm) - SELECTIVE


        Control unit in cab:
   SEEDER+  control unit
   Fully automatic
   Speed vario control
   Speed sensor, on/off sensor
   and fan rotation sensor
 Seeder Plus


   3-point frame for front mounting

 Schnellkuplungdreieck Front 1000



Quick-coupling triangle for front mounting

 Dreipunkt-Anbau zur Frontmontage

  - Seedroll for small amounts

Säwelle f kleine Mengen
  - Hoses diam 100mm, per m Schlauch 80mm
  - Hoses diam 30mm, per m 10519821 Schlauch
  - Spreader plates diam 30/40mm, per pc. Prallteller 2014

  - Signal plug connector cable




  - Tram line function Fahrgasseschaltung 1
 FRONT-TURBO with dosing apparatus and frame  
 Volume:             (L   x  B  x  H) cm     weight
 Hopper 1000lit.    170 x 100 x 160            330 kg
 Hopper 2000lit.    190 x 170 x 200            340 kg
 Hopper 2700lit.    200 x 174 x 272            368 kg  
 Hopper 3500lit     180 x 140 x 243            396 kg  


  • 10589956_Seeder_Plus_Box
  • Abgas_Front_Turbo_19
  • DSC_0197
  • FRONT-TURBO_2000lit_Slowenien
  • FRONT-TURBO_400lit
  • FRONT-Turbo_Firma_Bogdan_Belarus
  • FRONT_2018
  • FRONT_Fotoshop
  • FRONT_TURBO_Austria
  • FRONT_TURBO_Belarus_Firma_Bogdan
  • FR_Front-Turbo_2000l_2
  • FR_Front_2000_l
  • Fr_Front-Turbo_1000L
  • Front-Frankreich_2
  • Front-Frankreich_3
  • Front_Agram
  • Front_Turbo
  • Front_Turbo_1
  • Front_Turbo_1300lit_John_DEERE_23
  • Front_Turbo_6
  • Front_Turbo_Behälter_1000l_2_Fr
  • Front_Turbo_Behälter_1000l_Frankreich
  • Front_Turbo_Turm_5
  • Front_Turm_4
  • Front_Vorne
  • IMG_2583
  • IMG_2585
  • Licht_Front_Turbo
  • Messe_Frankreich
  • SKS_Denmark
  • Startseite_FRONT_TURBO
  • Südafrika_6
  • TURM
  • Turmverteiler



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