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Mähdrescher und Turbo Jet Super 12
TP Turbo Jet Super 8 Ukraine

Row seeding

Short info

 Pneumatic Seeder "Turbo Jet Super 8"
ROW SOWING! Working width 3m!

Grünland Discscheiben 3m Keime Stiege

 This seeding system can be used for wheat, barley, oat or beans up to 3m working width.
When using oil rape seed, clover, grass seed etc up to 8m working width on 40 rows are possible.
Sorghum etc up to 6m on 20 rows.

The major benefit on this system is that the seeding machine itself can be also placed on any other soil implement.
Then seeding without shares can be done easy and quickly. Seeding of oil rape or sorghum etc can be managed by
a small tractor in a very accurate job avoiding soil compaction.
                                Highest productivity – most reasonable priced!


 - 20 outlet tubes (diam 25mm)
 - Painting red
 - Plastic hoses (diam 25mm) mounted
 - Selective 130-, 200-, 300-, or 400-Liter
   plastic hopper with liter scale incl.
   sealed cover
 - Adjustable flaps plastic
 - Agitator mounted
 - View glass for seedroll
 - operation
 - Standard seedroll mounted,
 - metal seedroll separate
 - Seedroll motor electric with
   one speed 
TJS 20 Ausgänge 



2 x double fan (=4 turbines)
6500 rpm



 Elektrisches-Gebläse Gesamtansicht



 Frame with double disc shares
Frame with 20 pc. double disc shares
Working width 2,5m to 3m

 Control unit in cab:
SEEDER + control
 - Fully automatic
 - Speed indepentant
 - Monitor in cab, control box on machine
 - Audio alarms and error codes
 - Emergency mode
 - Speed sensor
 - ON/OFF sensor
 - Data cable 7m


PROFI-SPEED control unit
Fully automatic, output amount according
to driven speed, incl. speed sensor M12,
ON/OFF Sensor, cable length 7m


  Control unit in cab:
PROFI control
 - Standard control unit
 - At constant driving speed
 - 7m data cable
 - On/Off sensor
 - Seed shaft rotation control

Profi Steuerung



  • DE_Scheibenschare_TJS_20_elekt
  • DSC_1463
  • Disco_KOMBI_Seitlich_weiß
  • Disco_Kombi_Treppe
  • Grünland_Discscheiben_3m_Keime_Stiege
  • Profi_Steuerung_M_Ohne_Hintergrund
  • Reihenaussaat_AB_3m
  • Reihenaussaat_AB_3m_mitTJS_8
  • Reihenaussaat_AB_6m_hydraulik
  • Reinenaussaat_mit_Turbo_jet_8
  • SEEDER_Kabeln
  • Scheibenscharen_Reihenaussaat
  • Scheibescharen_Turbo_Jet
  • Scheienschare_TJS_20_elekt
  • TJS_20_Ausgänge
  • TJS_8_AB_3m
  • Turbo_jet_20



1.  Instruction for TP TURBO JET SUPER 



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