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TP FRONT-TURBO -the ideal Front-Tank Maschine
for fertilizer!
 Mineral fertilizer prices rise-but using a FRONT-TURBO increase efficiency of crop for
optimum yield.  The greats benefit is when conditions are very dry, the crop can use quickly
necessary minerals.
Mais is cultivated as a high yield feed plant for biogas production in many advantaged locations.
Monoculture is harmful to the environment and the health of soil. Seeding an adapted cover crop
(ray grass, forage rye) improves the soil and restocks the animal feed.
 Front Turbo 1300lit John DEERE 23

The FRONT-TURBO is developed for seeding corn mineral fertilizer, and every
cover crop.
Distribution is done in rows or as areal planting. Advantage - a flexible mounting.
The correct amount is adjusted by the speed of the seed roll. From the seed roll the
material gets to the outlet tube and is distributed by the distribution tower equally.
The high-power fan makes it possible to transport the grain in the hoses over longer
For Distribution are two options available: 1. Area seeding with spreader plates,
2. seeding in rows with the double disc shares. Up to 50 rows per operation step are

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Enjoy highest yield and

Front Agram

Spreaders for
comprehensive seeding
of cover crops!
Streuer Professional 130 lit
 Pneumatic seeder
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