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Seeder TP "ÖKO-AIR" for small seeds, fertilizer
and granulates!

A small amount of fertilizer placed with seeding can be arranged at one path.
Even on mulch seeding of cereals in automn, a small amount of fertilizer helps
for optimal germination.

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Just fit the TP "ÖKO-AIR" on a suitable position. Bring the material to the main seed roll and
fertilizer is blown out and distributed accurate together with seed. Rates from 2-50 kg/ha can
be easily controlled by the SEEDER+ control unit in the tractor cabin.

Hopper sizes from 60,-90,-105, or 130 liters offers to use proper size for the required job.

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Enjoy highest yield and

Front Agram

Spreaders for
comprehensive seeding
of cover crops!
Streuer Professional 130 lit
 Pneumatic seeder
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