Kleinsamenstreuer & Pneumatische Sämaschinen

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These facts force to thinking...
The main task of a plant is to grow into soil as possible. The roots strengthen the plant so that it could absorb sun energy in large volumes in order to perform photosynthesis process...

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             B-POWER-KOMBI- The profitable double pack! Sdafrika

 The combination of machines "B-Power-Kombi"  is a machine for fertilizers application FRONT-TURBO and drill seeder "HECK-TURBO" with sowing width of 3m. 

The machine for fertilizers application "FRONT-TURBO" is equipped with a very powerful hydraulic motor, disigned for mineral fertilizing or for sowing crops. 

Seed tube of the "FRONT-TURBO" is lead to drill seeder "HECK-TURBO" Chemical fertilizers are mixed with seeds and enter to the seed tube through a distributor and then to disc shares.  

Installation of seed tube on the lateral side of the trakor.

           Small amount of fertilizer placed with seeding can 
                          be arranged at one path


  Even on mulch seeding of cereals in autumn, a small amount of fertilizer helps for optimal germination. Just fit the Technik-Plus "Öko-Turbo" on a suitable position. Bring the material to the main seed roll and fertilizer is blown out and distributed accurate together with seed. Rates from 2-50 kg/ha can be easy controlled by the "Seeder+" contorl unit in the tractor cabin. Hopper sizes from 130, 200, 300, 400, 500, 800, 1200, 1500 liters offers to use proper size for the required job.  

          "TECHNIK-PLUS" - makes AGRI Business
                                more profitable

 Mineral fertilizer prices rise, but using a FRONT-TURBO increase efficiency of crop for optimum yield. The greats benefit is when seeding to plact appr. 100-150 kg/ha minerla fertilizer with the seed.

Even when conditions are very dry, the crop can use easy and guickly necessary minerals.

                      Increase Yield - rise PROFIT with TECHNIK-PLUS!


                      Clever seeding in combination with pneumatic seeder  
                                     "TURBO-JET SUPER 30G"
 and subsoiler. 
Using the CO2 from the tractor brings a great benefit in form of strong and efficient crops. Don´t waste energy blowing it into the air. We have reached best results in combination with subsoiler. Take a look at our experiences.   





Pneumatic seeder  

A well prepared seed bed by economical usage of mineral fertilizers - Technik-Plus machines for the rigth operations. Plants get a good start when putting granulated mineral fertilizers 10-15 cm deep below the seed.


Technische Daten:

Behälter                                                     3.500 L

Anzahl der Doppelscheibenschar                 24

Tiefeneinstellung                                         von 2-6 cm

Turmverteiler                                               24

Für Traktoren                                              ab 80 PS

Arbeitsbreite                                               3m

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Die beiden Sierninger Hannes Eisenhuber und Josef Großauer haben sich vor Jahren Gedanken gemacht, wie man die Produktionskosten in der Landwirtschaft optimieren,die Qualität der Lebensmittel steigen und den Bodenstruktur nachhaltung verbessern kann. Das Ergebnis ihrer Tüftelei: Sie nutzen TRAKTORABGASE.








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